The Five Senses of Success


Spring is just around the corner which means you can expect to see many more “for sale” signs going up around your neighborhood. If you have been dreaming about putting your home on the market then you know how overwhelming it can feel, so here at Wright Realty and Design we put together a concise list to help you prepare your home for potential buyers. We feel these few tips can really make your home stick out over the rest.

When preparing for a showing it’s important to remember the five senses buyers use to take in your house as they come to see it: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.


5 Senses For Success


Try to de-clutter as best as you can- your countertops in your bedroom and bathroom should be as cleared off as possible- this includes toothbrushes and/or kitchen appliances not used very often.

Be sure what they SEE is clean- have your dishes done, your laundry (even if dirty) put away or out of sight, and your floors clean.

Try to open up some blinds to show natural light, and turn on lights in the house so that when buyers tour they don’t have to worry about turning them on or off.


Do not discount the olfactory sense. Your home can be beautiful- but if it has pet odors, or a smoke odor- this can drive buyers right out the door.

Light a Candle or have a fresh Scensy going before buyers come for a showing.

Have your carpets shampooed if possible- It cleans out pet odor smells quicker than you would think.

Take out the trash so that old food or diaper odors don’t come creeping out during a showing


If possible- try to set up some light elevator type music to be playing during your showing

I know it may seem inconvenient at times, however, if you have a dog, please try to take them with you during the showing. Even when crated they tend to bark when strangers enter- and trying to decide if you want to buy a home with so much noise can put a bad word in buyers ears- literally!


Your home should be touchable. When buyers come in they want to be able to open the cabinets to see how sturdy they are, possibly open the windows or shutters. Dusting and cleaning is key here. Try to be sure that your home is not sticky, and when buyers come in and touch and feel, they simply remember the durability and craftsmanship that went into making your house


Is your home tastefully decorated? Not sure? Every person loves to leave his or her personal touches on their home- however when trying to sell a home one should have tasteful décor that allows for buyers to come in and be able to see themselves living there. If you are not sure- consult Madi Mikael our home stager and interior designer.


Keeping it simple is key. Selling your home can definitely seem like such a big task, but we have a team here at Wright Realty & Design ready to coach and encourage you through this hurdle. Give us a call- we would love to help you turn your dreams into reality this year!