Hey Wright Realty!

Getting to know

Shara Dee McCaleb

Here at Wright Realty and Design we are dedicated to re-defining real estate one relationship at a time. With our new blog segment “Hey Wright Realty!” we want to spotlight our realtor's hearts' behind why we do what we do in the real estate market. We have put together a list of questions so you can get to know our realtors, in hopes to make you feel more comfortable entrusting us with your homes.

Shara Dee is a wife, mom, and known to go above and beyond to help someone. Regardless the circumstances she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome. So sit back and relax and get to know Shara Dee!

1. Best advice for someone buying or selling their home?

Educate yourself.  Ask lots of questions and communicate effectively with your realtor.  It will make the process go more smoothly.

2. Why did you choose to become a realtor?

I love people - working with them, getting to know them, helping them, etc.  I also love everything about houses - all the details that make them homes for families.  Becoming a realtor seemed like the perfect profession for me.  It also gives me flexibility, allowing me time to be a wife and mom.

3. In your opinion why should a client use WR&D?

Wright Realty & Design is a firm dedicated to the people they are assisting in the sell or purchase of a home.  They have a heart for serving and always deal with others in honesty and professionalism.  They do not manipulate, and they are never motivated by greed.

4. What is the number one trend you are seeing in the real estate market?

I believe the overwhelming majority of people are looking for homes online.  I recently read a blog that discussed this trend, and why this might be a flawed approach.  Here is a segment of the post:

02/12/2016 | Author: Ward Lowe

That’s what happens on the Internet. An algorithm offers a convenient way to narrow down all the available webpages, but it doesn’t necessarily connect you with the right source. Think about looking for a house online. You’ll find plenty of real estate websites, but the information they provide can be overwhelming—and maybe even wrong. Are the homes listed for sale still on the market? Is the asking price correct? What’s the actual value of that property?

These questions and many others require professional help for an accurate answer. The best way to make a confident, informed buying decision is with help from a REALTOR® in your community. Don’t trust such a big financial decision to the Internet.

5. What is your favorite room in a home and why?

The KITCHEN - hands down.  This is the place where families gather together.  It is where bread is broken, prayers are spoken, and needs are met.  It is the space where functionality is at a premium.

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