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The Franco Family

Follow Up


There are some great perks to being a real estate agent. There are flexible hours, getting to see many gorgeous homes, but my personal favorite is working with lifelong friends. Kaci and Fabian Franco have been a very intricate part of mine and my husband's life, and I had the privilege of working with them to find their perfect home nestled in the small town of Abernathy, TX.

Small towns are fabulous; you get the joy of the "know your neighbors" feel, unique homes, and many times an incredible school system. The Franco's both grew up in the small town of Whiteface, TX. This tight-knit community is where they met in high school and ended up re-connecting in college, which then lead to marriage. After having their two children, their heart's desire was driving them to let their children experience the same smaller community feeling.

Typically in real estate we put the home on the market, sell it, and THEN go and find another home. However, in this case we went a little backward. The problem sometimes in a small town, is finding a home in that particular market, but also the home being able to work for your family. The stars have to align. So when they got word that one of the very best homes in Abernathy was about to be listed, you better believe we moved FAST. We listed their home here in Lubbock, got a buyer within 24 hours, and put an offer in the next day.

Let's pause for a moment so I can be clear. There are so many times that I list homes and they sit for weeks at a time. In some cases, I have worked with buyers for YEARS before they find the right fit. So, when I get transactions like this one that go so smoothly …I get a little weepy. Their home is gorgeous and has been well taken care of. It has been the perfect place for them to raise their two beautiful children, and I know they are so excited to send them to school there. They know most of their neighbors and get to go to church with them, and love to make memories cooking and baking cookies on their giant peninsula.

Kaci and Fabian, living life with you both is a joy. Thank you for taking part in our lives. From both of our wedding days to moments in the hospital, and now to getting to take part in helping you buy your dream home- It's simply a joy to do life with you.  From us to you- congratulations, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of all the small details.