A Home for One Hundred

The Front Yard for

One Hundred

Your home, your haven, your safe place. Sounds nice doesn't it? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you are anything like me, I want my home to FEEL this way, but I always end up getting overwhelmed by the big picture of it all. Instead of focusing on one area of my home I tend to try and work on the whole house and then end up getting frustrated that I only have one throw pillow to show for it. How do I make my home feel more cohesive, more of me and my style, and without breaking the bank? Insert…HOME FOR ONE HUNDRED! In this blog series, my hope is to show you how focusing on one area of your home can result in a home that is more you. All within the budget of one hundred dollars(ish). Slow and steady wins the race in my opinion. 

The focus? My front yard...sigh. Which is an area of love and hate, because I love it when the front of my house looks cute and inviting. The hate is the reality that weeds grow, and here in Lubbock the wind blows WAY too much. So, I had a leak issue and partner that with the lack of proper lawn grooming you get a disaster. Here is the house right after we purchased it in 2011. Sorry for the poor photo quality, I am sure you will forgive me. 

I wanted to focus my attention on the front porch and flower bed. I had three pots that I had received over the years, two plant stands, a shepherds hook, and I found a galvanized bucket buried in my craft closet. Random, but I was determined to work with what I had to bring my budget to the hundred dollar goal.

I bought two cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint in the color Sea Mist and went to work on the pots. I love how they turned out, this way all my pots match. I bought the two hanging plants from Home Depot and the plants for the pots from a local nursery in Lubbock, Little Red Riding Hood.

Then picked up the iron chair and wooden box planter from At Home. Put it all together and you get…TA DA!

One step closer to cute and inviting. Although it may not be much, it means something to me. I always want to push myself and other people to work with what they have to make their home feel more like themselves. Sometimes the budget may not allow for the new piece of furniture or a total remodel, but by taking baby steps we can create an overall FEELING in our homes that is uniquely you.  

P.S.- I had the best little helper...next goal removal of the giant holly bush to the right.

Break down of cost:

Rust-Oleum spray paint (Home Depot)- $13.52

Chair (At Home)- $39.99

Wooden Planter (At Home)- $10.99

Plants- $45.63

Total: $110.13 ( $10.13 over…not too shabby)