Family Follow Up

The Mitchell Family

Follow Up


Matt and Erin came to me in early spring of 2015 ready to purchase their first home. They were looking for something with an open floor plan and four bedrooms, but on a heart level they were looking for something more than just the perfect floor plan.

They wanted a space to accommodate their heart for foster and adoption, which is what I loved most about working with Matt and Erin. What they wanted wasn't in a set number of bedrooms or bathrooms, but rather a safe place for these children to call home.

At the time, the couple had two foster children and a few precious pups all in a 1200 square foot rent house. They needed more space, to say the least. After going under contract on three different homes, we finally found the perfect fit. A quaint four bedrooms two bath home with a master closet to die for, and not to mention a laundry room that perfectly provided the space they desired for their pups.

Since purchasing their home they have had the added benefit of accepting a third foster child, and turning two of those foster children into their own through the joy of adoption. They wanted something that was theirs, and when I came back for a follow-up visit this last week, that is exactly what I felt. A home.

Helping people purchase a home is my job, but it means more to me than just clocking in hours or a paycheck. I get the opportunity to watch how people use their home to bless others- and with Matt and Erin, I humbly witnessed them accomplish the calling God placed on their lives.

 It was my personal honor to work with Matt and Erin. From our heart to yours, Congratulations! Thank you for allowing Wright Realty & Design to serve you, and for being our very first closing as a team.