Family Follow Up

Family Follow Up

The Babb Family


The Babb family is special to this team. Many of us in the office have known Frank and Jennifer for years, and let's face it- we love them. They decided to put their home on the market in the Spring of 2016 with Brandi Wilson. We were thrilled! I couldn't wait to see what their story would look like.

With their current home listed, they set their sights on a home they found on the market; a perfect fit for them…their dream home. They went to see it several times, took their families to see it, and often imagined their family calling it home. This was the one they wanted. Their current home sold relatively quick, within about 30 days, which gave them the chance to place an offer on the home they had been eyeing. However, in this case they could not come to an agreement with the seller.

The thing to understand about real estate is that once your home is under contract- you are on a pretty strict timeline to move- and with their ideal home off the table a stressful search for a home ensued. Brandi showed them many homes, but none seemed to fit and time was ticking.

Brandi was in Houston when she received a call from her brother and sister-in-law who had decided they wanted to list their home to pursue some country living. Now this is where the fun begins. Brandi told them immediately she knew someone who may be interested in their home and wanted to show it to Frank and Jennifer right away.

Although the home was much more north of town than the couple originally planned, it was an open concept 4 bedroom and 2 bath home that had plenty of space for both boys to have their own room and an office/playroom as well. However, what they fell in love with most was the beautiful windows leading to the highlight of the home- the backyard. This outdoor double pergola and patio is ideal for relaxing as they watch their boys play.

Frank & Jennifer, you and your boys, mean so much to the Wright Realty team. All of us. We rejoiced knowing you found a home that kept your budget practically the same and provided more space to stretch out and grow in. Wisdom, patience, and an open mind was evident as you walked through this process and we are honored that you entrusted us to help guide you along the way.  We know your incredible hearts have a passion to serve and we can't wait to see your amazing hospitality in action as you welcome and bless every family that enters your new gorgeous home! - From all of us at Wright Realty & Design- Congratulations!!!!