Family Follow Up

Robin Bunnell

Family Follow Up


When I took this job, I knew that the best part about it was that I was going to work with people in all different seasons and walks of life. I love watching first-time homebuyers with all their glee and excitement as they picture their children's first steps in the living-room, and I love when a family has worked crazy hard their whole life and are finally able to purchase their "forever" home. The one they know will have grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to gather. Truth be told- I even love that I get to be there in the vulnerable moments when a family has to sell their home- not because of profit or gain- but because of the opportunity to love on others.

When I first met Robin I knew that she had a story- like we all do- but what I didn't know is how quickly I was going to get to see the redemptive hand of the father through her story. Robin had been walking through a divorce for some time and was in a place in life where she was ready to purchase her first home. Hers. She told me she was nervous and scared, but willing to settle and take her life back on her own. I admire her so much for the way she honored the season of life she was in.

Finding Robin a home wasn't tough. She wanted a cozy three bedroom two bathroom home, space for her daughter to come and visit, and an inviting living room space for family and friends to gather. What I didn't know is not long into her search- Robin got engaged. She had found someone worth sharing her life with, and all of the sudden we weren't just looking for HER a house- but THEM. After a little bit of searching and hunting, we found a home that so perfectly suited the both of them.

Watching Robin dream and plan for this new season in her life was a joy. I loved watching her light up. She is full of joy and laughter and is unwaveringly kind. I know that this home represents a lot to her, but mainly I think it was just a statement of bravery as she stepped out into a new season with confidence and faith that our God is a redeemer. All I can say is- Bryan, you are one blessed man, I cannot wait for the wedding- and to watch you both live happily ever after in your precious home. Congratulations from us to you!