Family Follow Up

Family Follow Up

The Payne Family


I know I have said it before- but I will say it again: I LOVE first time home buyers. Working with them makes me feel like the sun is always shining, and that all hopes and dreams do come true! That's why today it is my greatest joy to share with you the Payne family.

Jill and Austin got married in December of 2014 and had been renting for about a year when they contacted me to begin their search for their first home. Our first outing is the first time we saw it. It was just perfect, and everything Jill had ever dreamed of in a home. The only problem? It was a little overpriced- and the seller was not crazy about selling the home Jill so loved. So even though it killed her- we kept looking.

We probably looked at over 20 homes, but by our 3rd outing- we had to go back. Because even though the seller had rejected their offer a few months before- they just loved this home. They dreamed about it, imagined bringing their future children home to it- it was just about everything they ever wanted. So we tried again and this time, we got that seller to back off of the price by about $10k!

The rest is pretty much history. What I love about this story is that deep feeling inside when you KNOW that THIS is the house for us. There were a few reasons for this home not to work for them. First, the inspection was far from perfect, and they knew they were going to have to do some work. Second, the seller was incredibly difficult to work with- but in the end, they knew this home was theirs.

Jill and Austin have been living in their new home for about five months now. They have two furry children, a pup named Levi, and Dora the kitty. They love to play games together and cuddle up in their living room to watch a movie. They are an incredibly laid back couple who love to be with one another, and it was a joy to share in their experience as they prayed through finding and purchasing their first home.

Payne family- you are such precious treasures to my family. It has been an honor to know you both and work with you during a special season of your life. I pray it continues to be your dream come true through each new season. From all of us at WR&D...congratulations!