Family Follow up

Family Follow Up

The Posada Family

I had been working with Rey and Morgana Posada in their search for a home for about a year. They were a blended family who had always rented and had saved like crazy to purchase a home. Not to mention- going to school, working, and raising four teenagers. They had also recently discovered that they were getting a special Christmas delivery. A brand new baby- the couple's first child together!

We had seen several wonderful homes, but none of them fit the Posadas. After all, we weren't just looking for a house that would work; we wanted to find them a home! Then, after much anticipation, Rey discovered a perfect home just one block away from Morgana's mother's house. Perfect. With a new baby on the way and four others in and out so often with school -they knew they wanted family nearby to help. It was beautiful, in their price range, and everything they envisioned for their first home.

This particular home had already had one contract fall through because of appraisal issues, and the sellers wanted more for the house than what the home was worth. Which unfortunately left us confused as to how to proceed. So we decided to take a step back and pray about it. We spent a month trying to decide the best way to move forward, and during that time the home had several other offers on it. Luckily all those offers fell through and they agreed to sell it to Rey and Morgana.

The reason why? They were willing to be patient for the home they wanted and trusted in my abilities as their realtor. Working this transaction was not easy, but that is why we do what we do, we can turn a difficult situation into a positive outcome. Our goal will always be to help our clients smooth out a hard situation and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. This buy for Rey and Morgana was so worth it. Watching baby Samuel come into this family and watching their family grow closer to one another has been an incredible blessing.

They are simply a family that loves to be together, you will usually find them playing games and cook dinner together. They have told me several times that the "fight" to purchase this home was 100% worth the struggle, and it was my honor to advocate and walk alongside them. Posada family you are one of a kind and a joy to everyone who knows you. Congratulations from us to you!