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Here at Wright Realty and Design we are dedicated to re-defining real estate one relationship at a time. With our new blog segment “Hey Wright Realty!” we want to spotlight our realtors hearts behind why we do what we do in the real estate market. We have put together a list of questions so you can get to know our realtors, in hopes to make you feel more comfortable entrusting us with your homes.

Maggie has taken the realtor market by storm! She is quick to learn and most importantly listen to your needs on buying or selling your home. Most people who know her would say she has a heart to encourage and love the people in her life. Her most important job is being wife to Josh and mommy to Allison and Macy, so sit back and relax and get to know Maggie one relationship at a time!

1. Best advice for someone buying or selling their home?

Be true to you. SO many people in your life are going to have an opinion about you selling your home or the one you have decided to purchase. It is valuable and important to gather opinions of those you trust- but at the end of the day you know what you set out for- be true to that.

2. Why did you choose to become a realtor?

I chose to become a realtor because I wanted to work with families- all kinds of families. I love getting such a personal glimpse into my clients lives during what can be such a stressful time. I am able to help ease them into the process, so instead of stress they gain peace.

3. In your opinion why should a client use WR&D?

Because we are a family business. We LOVE to work with our clients. Anyone can be a realtor, draw up contracts, and get them to the title company on time- but not everyone loves the job, and has a team that helps in all areas with any client from real estate to design and décor. We do it all.

4. What is your favorite room in a home and why?

I have always been a big fan of the dining room. It's such an intimate gathering place for a family. The dining room is a place to exchange stories of the day, prayers of gratitude, laughter with those you love, and delicious meals. To me, it represents the place where people living in a home become a family.


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Maggie Riley