Spotlight Listing

Spotlight Listing

1716 Pontiac Ave.


Is anybody looking for country living in the city? Well, we have the home for you! This home is making a big statement in the market, practically demanding it's presence to be known. Located on 1716 Pontiac Ave. in a family oriented neighborhood. Everyone knows each other, kids ride bikes up and down street, and I find myself humming to the beat of the Cheers theme show song. "Everybody knows your name." Too much? Just telling you how I feel about this home, take a look for yourself!

Favorite picture of the home to start off.

The red barn. Did anyone else dream of having a red barn? The Barn has a front patio you can look out onto large pond and fire-pit that is in the center of the backyard.

Let me seal the deal. The barn has a 1bed/1bath apartment, dressed with a living area, kitchen, and washer/dryer hookups.  Fantastic Mother in law suite or for out of town guests, maybe a place for a child in college to stay when they are home visiting. 

Logistics: three bedrooms, two baths, and three living areas. There is a front "formal dining" or sitting area open to living plus a large den as well. All wrapped up in a lovely package sitting on 1.3 acres.

Double paned energy efficient windows. Folks this is a huge deal, most people don't understand how much it takes money wise to install good quality windows. This will end up saving you big time.

Metal roof. I love listening to rain dance on a metal roof.

Real hardwood flooring, this is a huge plus in my opinion.

Three car garage. This particular home is zoned for two horses, and there is a huge workshop behind the apartment with side access to both stalls.

The list goes on and on. I can't say enough good things about this property. My eyes see so much potential for this home, and I know there is a family who is needing some space to stretch out in. Let's make this home your reality. Call Brandi Wilson today! 806.544.4601