Spring is Here!

Creating a Spring Center Piece


Hello Spring! With the warmer weather knocking on our door, I thought it would be fun to show you guys how to create a spring center piece for your home. I know I like to make a few decorative changes in my own home to liven it up with the feeling of spring in the air. The good thing about this center piece is that it can go anywhere in your home, you will just have to either maximize or minimize depending on the size of your space. In this particular home we have a rather large farm table, so I knew I needed pieces that were bigger in size, so it did not get lost on the table. In other words, big table big centerpiece. I wanted people to walk into this home and the first thing they notice is this spring arrangement. 

Create Depth

When creating a centerpiece you want to have depth, you do not want all your vases to be the same height. Your goal is to create different dimensions, so when you are rummaging through the aisles of Hobby Lobby make sure you are looking for pieces that vary in height and shape. Also, find things you love. I can not tell you how many times I have tried to mimic a certain picture I found on Pinterest and ended up hating it because it was not true to me and my style. You know your home and what you love in your space!


We found most of our pieces at Hobby Lobby, and the good news is we snagged some of it at half price! I started off finding a runner for the table, which was a role of burlap. I truly love this stuff it can be used for multiple different projects. My home owner is a lover of all things with a vintage industrial feel, so when we found the tin “W” and tin bucket those where a must. She also has a small obsession with Mason Jars, who could say no to a plus size version!?

Now that I have my vases, I have to decide my flower arrangements. Since the tin bucket and Mason Jar were pretty similar in height this is where your flower placement is key. Remember how I said earlier we want to create dimension and depth, so by picking a tall lavender and cutting the hydrangea down then I can still have pieces I love and at the same time create different heights.


'Fake Flowers! Gasp!'

I know some of you are saying fake flowers! Gasp! Fake flowers can create the look you are wanting for long term. Trust me, I love real flowers in my home, but let's face it, they die within a week and I am no florist that has tons of flowers on hand. I have a few little secrets to help you trick your future guest. First, cut away most of the fake greenery. I have found that this is a huge eye sore and takes away from the flower that actually looks real. Since I wanted my hydrangea in the clear Mason jar, I added a little bit of water to the bottom of the jar. I know this is genius! I was actually at this home for a dinner party with guests who had no idea I created this center piece. I can't tell you how many people thought the flowers were real. You can thank me later.

Anyways, back to the centerpiece. I cut the lavender down about an inch and a half because it was too tall. I noticed the tin bucket looked a little bare, so I went and cut some weeds from a field. No lie. Sometimes when you are decorating you start to notice that you did not buy enough of a product or something is missing. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, insert me cutting weeds from a field.


The homeowner in this situation loves to grow her own herbs in the spring and summer time, so we added a couple of her own potted plants. This is another example of adding things that you love to do in your own home and using it as decoration! The small wire milk basket was a piece she already owned and we added some Mason jars she had on hand. We found the white weed type flowers at a local Market, they are the only real flowers in this centerpiece. Lastly, I placed the large tin “W” in the back so it would really stand out. If you would like to make it feel more welcoming for dinner guest, try placing a couple of small candles in between the vases. 

Hope you enjoyed! Remember decorate with what you love J have a blessed week! 

- Madi