Transitioning Your Home for Spring!

Transitioning Your Home

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked advice on transitioning out of the fall and winter months into spring and summer, I would be a millionaire! I find most of the time my clients find it easy to decorate for the holiday season, but when January rolls around they find themselves boxing up their holiday décor and sighing with despair. When they look around their empty house they feel discouraged, but eager to make their home come alive again. Today I want to tackle this topic to show you how you can transition your home from season to season with these simple tips.

Have good transitioning pieces

Look for pieces that can transition your home from season to season. Take this glass lantern, you can add a candle or moss for spring and summer months. When fall and winter comes around you can easily replace the items inside with pumpkins or Christmas ornaments.

Another great example is this wooden tray. You can use it on your coffee table for a few months, and when that gets old take it to your dining room table for a change of scenery. Pieces like this make transitioning your home a breeze, because you aren’t buying all new décor every season. You are simply changing out the items you already have. 

Take regular items and use it in a different way

I love it when you see items used creatively. Empty picture frames can be used to frame a wreath or to create layers on a fireplace. I have seen frames used in many different ways, take a look at some ideas I have seen around Pinterest. Creative!

At our Wright Realty office we took these candle sticks and decided to ditch the candle and add some greenery. This simple tip helps transition your home using things you may already have and without breaking the bank. Looking at your home and using items creatively helps the space feel different and put together.


Decorating in groups of three

I learned this tip while decorating homes for Christmas. Using three items of varying heights creates a scene for the space you are decorating, I like to call this scene a vignette. A vignette can be used anywhere in your home; a dresser, table, and book shelves. Grouping décor items in a set of three makes the space look finished and is more appealing to your eye. I use this idea in any room I decorate and any season. A classic design tip any homeowner can use!

I hope these simple tips encourage you to own your space with pride! Transitioning your home should be enjoyable and not a daunting task. Take these ideas mentioned today and make your home your reality!

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