2901 89th Street Remodel


89th Street

I tempted you a few weeks ago with this lovely sign.

Yes, you are reading this right, we are remodeling a house!

The good news is this house is set to be on the market sometime this week, and you will see all the AFTER pictures once we list. Got to keep you on your toes.

Here at Wright Realty and Design we never fail to disappoint, so today I am going to show you the BEFORE pictures of the house. I wanted you to see the state the home was in when we first unlocked the door. Let's just say this house needed some love, and well...a good cleaning!

I will give you this much, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, 2,091 square feet, and in a great neighborhood.  

My hope is to take our readers alongside us through the ugly so that the pretty outcome is that much sweeter.  Enough talking. Take a look at our house. 

You will notice we have multiple different paint colors going on.

No comment on the fabric stapled to the wall in the downstairs bathroom. If you ever think about doing this in your home, please think again.

Again with the paint. I think in one room we had four different colors.

Well, I hope you have a good idea on what we have been working with. Next time I will deliver better pictures of an updated home!